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Cashier Shields - Countertop
Color Brite Cashier Shields can help protect both your workers and customers. Our countertop solutions provide a clear acrylic barrier, with a convenient (optional), pass-through window. With multiple bases, and attachments, our lightweight sturdy screens can be quickly assembled without the need for drilling or permanent attachment.

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Cashier Shields - Hanging
Cashier Counter Shields applicable for a drop ceiling.

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Cashier Shields - Freestanding
Freestanding Countertop Partitions

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Register Partitions
Plastic Partitions to help protect your front line employees and your customers.

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Sanitizer Stands
Hand Sanitizer Stands. with or without Signage Frames. Aluminum upright. Steel base. Optional sanitizer mounting plates.

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Face Shields
The Protective Face Shield design consists of (2) pieces:
• A clear acrylic frame, which holds face shields and is intended for repeat use.
• A clear mylar shield which is inserted into the frame, and must be replaced after use.

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Floor Decals - 10" Diameter
Floor Decals to ensure social distancing while standing in the checkout line.

Custom Options available.

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Checkout Lane Signage
Floor mats/stickers keeping people behind the line. Only one person at the register counter at a time.

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Washable Face Masks
Cloth Masks
Three Layer Poly-Cotton
Black Elastic Only

$5.75 each
Acrylic Cleaner
NOVUS Acrylic Cleaner

1 - Plastic Clean & Shine.
* Anti-fog * Anti-static
* Dust Repellent

2 - Fine Scratch Remover

3 - Heavy Scratch Remover

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